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Assistant Director of Resident Care Kerri Gaffney received the 2019 McCormick Care Group Employee Values Award for her particular commitment to showing compassion to those she works with and cares for.

Congratulations to Kerri Gaffney – the recipient of the 2019 McCormick Care Group Employee Values Award.  Kerri, the Assistant Director of Resident Care, has been at McCormick Home for the past 18 years and has continually demonstrated genuine caring and dedication to those in her care as well as to colleagues throughout the home.  This year’s award focused particularly on the value of compassion, which McCormick Care Group defines as understanding the hopes and needs of those we serve, doing our best to respond and treating each other with kindness and dignity.

“Kerri is the most compassionate registered nurse,” according to one of Kerri’s award nominators.  “She is an amazing leader and dedicated professional.  We are blessed to have her here at McCormick Home.”
“Kerri is always trying to understand a person’s perspective and have empathy…be it a resident, family member a staff member or anyone else around the home,” says another nominator.  “She is approachable and well-loved by all.”