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Learning About Dementia

Dementia Research Brochures

Dementia Research Brochure

For more information regarding our mission, research partnerships, and our work please take a…
Care Group Webinars

Dementia: The Basics with Dr. Michael Borrie

Dr. Michael Borrie, geriatrician at Parkwood Institute and medical director of the Aging Brain…
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Learn About Dementia

The journey toward a diagnosis of dementia is one that does not have to…
Dementia Services Bulletins

Care Partner Education Series

Powerful Tools for Caregivers  Powerful Tools for Caregivers is offered online using Zoom. The McCormick Enhanced…
Dementia Research Articles

Dementia Competency Framework

Ontario Tech University, Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Toronto, and…
Dementia Services Bulletins

Dementia Services Caregiver’s Support

Powerful Tools for Caregivers This six-week workshop provides helpful tips and information to caregivers…

Admission Related

Dementia Services Admissions Information

Client and Caregiver Orientation Handbook

The McCormick Dementia Services orientation handbook contains everything you need to know about the…
Dementia Services Bulletins

Social Work

Our Team Tara Machacek 519-439-9336 ext 2337 Catherine Robson 519-439-9336 ext 2553…
Care Home Bulletins

Memory Lane: Family Place

Memory Lane Recognizing that the care needs of people with dementia can change, McCormick…

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Dementia Services Bulletins

McCormick Enhanced Care Partner Education

McCormick Enhanced Care Partner Education Practical Communication Strategies Communication is the most basic human…