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Historical Timeline

Founded in 1874 as the Women’s Christian Association, the McCormick Care Group has had…
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Women’s Christian Association Members 2023-2024

The McCormick Care Group honours the women who have served as members of our…
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Board of Directors

Cathie Auger (Chair) Alison Hannay Sunny Mann Marlene McGrath Beth Mitchell Jacqueline Peterson Marcia…
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Aim, Mission, Vision

Aim By 2025, McCormick Care Group will be recognized as one of Canada’s leaders…
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We at the McCormick Care Group are thrilled to be celebrating 150 years of care in the London community.

McCormick Care Group 1874-2024 We at the McCormick Care Group are proud to be…
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2024 Employee Values Award Announcement – Audrey Dezan

Congratulations to the 2024 Employee Values Award Winner – Audrey Dezan!
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External News Resources

CABHI’s innovation and impact underscored by Members of Parliament by Lisa Hartford on January 22, 2024…
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Our People

Our People We are a dedicated group of professionals and volunteers working closely with…
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Strategic Directions

The goal of the McCormick Care Group is to be a leader in innovative…
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Unveiling the McCormick Resource Centre: Your Gateway to Comprehensive Dementia Resources

Unveiling the McCormick Resource Centre In our continuous commitment to supporting and empowering care…