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Care Home Bulletins

At McCormick Home, we recognize the value of hearing from our residents and families about our services, quality of care, and facilities. We value the input of our resident and family councils as important feedback toward continually improving the care we provide. We encourage our residents and family members to get involved and to learn more about the important work performed by our council members.

McCormick Home Family Council

The McCormick Home Family Council is an organized group of family and friends of McCormick Home residents. Their focus is on advocacy, education and support. Councils promote idea sharing, events and information for the benefit of home residents. The Family Council meets regularly at McCormick Home. Family and friends of residents are welcome. The activities and meeting dates of the council are posted by the main elevators. Meeting minutes are available for review and are kept in the reception area in the binder marked Family Council. If you are interested in learning more about the Family Council, please contact

McCormick Home Resident Council

The Resident Council of McCormick Home encourages all residents to participate in a safe and secure environment where they can share ideas and concerns in the privacy of the home. The agenda items addressed may include:

  • Addressing concerns raised by residents
  • Maintaining the resident Bill of Rights
  • Creating council committee reports
  • Providing home area updates
  • Addressing quality inspection reports
  • Addressing the administrator’s report
  • Reviewing Life Enrichment monthly calendars

Meetings are held monthly. Contact for dates and times. Our resident representatives provide an important collective voice for all the residents of our home. All representatives on the resident council include residents who currently live in the home.


Ontario Association of Resident Councils

The Ontario Association of Resident Councils (OARC) is assisting us as we encourage an ongoing and active resident council at McCormick Home. The primary goals of the association are to support residents’ councils, speak with one voice for residents, promote a high standard of care, and influence legislation. The OARC wants to ensure that residents who are living in long-term care homes maintain their independence, privacy and dignity and are welcome to hearing from you if you have any questions. For more information, please contact: Ontario Association of Resident Councils Email: Tel: 905-770-3710 Fax: 905-770-2755 Toll Free: 1-800-532-0201