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Care Home Articles

Our Environmental Services team works hard to ensure that our home is clean, comfortable and safe. We provide a wide variety of maintenance services to maintain a welcoming living space and homelike environment for all our residents. All of our staff members are trained to ensure that our processes follow best practices in infection prevention and control, maintenance and safety standards.

In addition to housekeeping, we provide laundry services, grounds keeping and facility maintenance, and are responsible for providing safe, clean and comfortable surroundings for our residents, visitors, volunteers, students and staff.

Services provided by this area include:

  • Daily housekeeping
  • Waste management
  • Safety checks of all resident owned electrical equipment and furnishings
  • Hanging all resident pictures
  • Preventative and ongoing maintenance for all systems within the facility
  • Labelling of residents’ clothing, comforters, and blankets
  • Ground maintenance
  • Laundering of personal clothing (wash and wear)

*Please note that curtains are provided.

For more information, please contact us.