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Care Group Bulletins


By 2025, McCormick Care Group will be recognized as one of Canada’s leaders in innovative dementia care, embracing exceptional employee experiences.


Specializing in dementia care, we create a caring, inclusive community in which everyone feels a sense of safety, belonging, purpose and well-being.


We provide innovative relationship-centred care by strategically investing in partnerships, technology, research and employee engagement. Through strong collaborations, we champion dementia care that enhances safety and quality of life.

Guiding Principles


We listen in order to understand the hopes and needs of those we serve. We treat each other with patience, kindness, empathy and dignity.


We earn the trust of those we serve, our teams and our partners by honouring our commitments, communicating openly, and managing our resources responsibly.


We create inclusive places to live, learn, be active, and work, where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. We nurture relationships with our clients, residents, families and care partners.


We use current research evidence and best-practice guidelines to improve the care we provide. We advocate for system change. We bring our best to work every day and lead by example. We are adaptable and creative. We strengthen our teams and celebrate their successes.


We participate in effective partnerships to advance improved health outcomes. We share knowledge and research findings to benefit others. Our teams cooperate and build a supportive, productive environment.