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Care Group News/Media Releases

Solar Eclipse Preparedness Plan

On April 8, 2024
From approximately between 2pm and 430pm
With the total eclipse occurring between
3:20pm and 3:23pm EST

By 1:30pm

  • All blinds and curtains are to be closed.
  • The doors to the back smoking area will be closed.
  • Blue partitions at Tuck Shop and at the front door will be used to help keep residents from viewing out uncovered windows.
  • Windows in resident homes areas without blinds or curtains will be covered with sheets/brown paper.

Activity programs will live stream the eclipse on the TVs for residents who wish to safely
watch the eclipse.Other programs will be held to keep residents engaged, who otherwise may be at risk of
looking outside at the eclipse.

Staff are reminded of the safety precautions to take during the duration of the eclipse,
especially when coming to or leaving work.

At 4:30pm – window coverings will be opened or removed as appropriate.

Solar Eclipse Information and Safety Document