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Dementia Research Articles

January 15, 2013
Susan Muir, Western University


A post-doctoral fellow from Western University is conducting a research study that explores the effectiveness of exercise in improving mobility and preventing falls in people with Alzheimer disease.


In keeping with the WCA’s new ten-year goal to be a leader in innovative dementia care, exploring new ways to provide care and support is an integral part of this effort. This exploration involves collaborating in research activity and working with our community partners to discover how we can enhance the lives of those who are facing the challenges of living with dementia.

The results from this study will enhance understanding of the benefits of exercise as a component in the care plan of individuals with Alzheimer disease.


The program, which is beginning this month, involves conducting and assessing the results of balance and strength exercises for a period of 12 weeks. The study takes place in the main hallway by AOS, which has been marked off by blue tape to measure distances involved in the various exercises.


The study is being conducted by Susan Muir in partnership with Western University. Susan is a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Geriatric Medicine at Parkwood Hospital.

Susan and the AOS recreation team will be working with individual AOS clients for 30-minute intervals three times a week.

Approximately 40 AOS participants are involved in this project. Participation is voluntary and proper consents have been received. In addition, confidentiality of the participants is being strictly maintained.

The study is funded by a postdoctoral research award from the Alzheimer Society of Canada and an Early Research Award from the Ontario Research Coalition.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Crawford, CEO, WCA, at 432-2648 ext. 2319, or by e-mail at