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Dementia Services Bulletins

The person who identifies an ethical dilemma/concern, or recognizes that an ethical dilemma/concern may arise, is advised to:

  1. Discuss the situation with the McCormick Care Group CEO who will provide an Ethical Dilemma Identification Form for completion. The person completing the form will be contacted and will be involved in the process of developing a resolution.
  2. Deliver the completed form in a sealed envelope marked “Board Chair – Confidential” to the McCormick Care Group corporate office.
  3. The board chair will determine the urgency of the dilemma and work toward a resolution that includes the Executive Committee and the persons involved. Where the ethical dilemma/concern involves a division of McCormick Care Group that has established an Ethics Committee, the board chair will refer the dilemma/concern to that committee.
  4. The board chair will access any appropriate additional resources as needed.
  5. Once a resolution has been achieved, the board chair will document the process and outcomes for future reference.
  6. Required policy changes will be referred to the Board Development Committee for review and recommendation.

Breach of Framework:

If any suspicion arises regarding a breach in the execution of this protocol, the person identifying this possibility is asked to alert the board chair of the McCormick Care Group by completing the Ethical Dilemma Identification Form.