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Dementia Services Tools/Guides

How to Play

  1. In this activity, the object of the game is to identify the sound played on an audio clip.
  2. Download the file by clicking on the button on the right.
  3. Ensure the volume is on and turned up on your computer or device.
  4. Click on the sound image.
  5. An audio clip will play.
  6. Try to identify what the sound is. You can write your answer down if you wish.
  7. Click on the sound image again if you wish to replay the sound.
  8. To show the answer, click anywhere on the screen (other than the sound image).
  9. Click the page again to go to the next sound and repeat.
  10. Option: An answer key is listed at the end of the presentation. You could print off these words (without the number) and cut out as individual pieces, then use them to help decide on what the sound could be.