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Dementia Research Articles

March 19, 2012
Ryan DeForge, PhD, Western University


A student from Western University’s Faculty of Health Sciences will be conducting a research study that could lead to innovations in how people with dementia are cared for and help improve their overall quality of life. The study involves a review of the information we receive about an individual (e.g. from family, health care professionals, caregivers) and how this information is applied to their specific plan of care.


As part of the WCA’s new ten-year goal to be a leader in innovative dementia care, exploring new ways to provide care and support is an integral part of this effort. This exploration involves collaborating in research activity and working with our community partners to discover how we can enhance the lives of those in our care.


This student will gather insights into the current care of the individual by observing and speaking with residents, family members, and staff about their lived experience in McCormick Home and about planning care for residents with dementia. As the project nears completion, study participants will be invited to join focus group discussions about how dementia care knowledge can be used to enhance the support provided by long-term care facilities.


The student conducting the research, Ryan DeForge, is a PhD candidate at Western University who is currently in the Faculty of Health Sciences’ Health and Rehabilitation Sciences graduate research program. His research focuses on promoting the health and care of older adults.

Ryan will be speaking with residents, family members and staff as he observes the programs at Memory Lane, Alzheimer Outreach Services and throughout McCormick Home.

Please note that participation in this research project is voluntary Participants will be asked to provide a signed consent form.

Timing and Location:

The study, which will take place in Memory Lane, Alzheimer Outreach Services, and McCormick Home common areas is expected to begin in April 2012 and take six months to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Crawford, CEO, WCA, at 432-2648 ext. 2319, or by e-mail at