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Dementia Services Bulletins

Community Support Services

What is Community Support Services (CSS)?

Community Support Services promotes independent living by focusing on prevention, early intervention, self-management, health and well-being, nutrition, and personal and social supports for older adults and for persons with disabilities, brain injuries or dementia.

Who is involved in Community Support Services?

Community Support Services is a network of organizations (including McCormick Dementia Services) that provides access to various helpful services throughout the region. Agencies across the CSS network are coordinated to meet your needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Community Support Services or are interested in having a referral completed for a specific service, contact the London Middlesex Community Support Services Network at 519-673-6617 or by visiting their website.

What are private pay services?

Agencies or businesses listed on the private pay service can be hired to provide service in your own home (e.g., personal care support, housekeeping). Private pay services are not affiliated with the McCormick Care Group. The list provided is to be used as a reference. Please note that the McCormick Care Group and its staff are not affiliated with private pay services and as such cannot endorse any particular service provider. A decision to hire a private pay service is your responsibility.

List of Private Pay Services

Additionally, you can contact Home and Community Care Support Services for access to other services.