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Care Group Bulletins

Our People

We are a dedicated group of professionals and volunteers working closely with residents, family, caregivers and other service providers to form a care team that is focused on resident and client safety and wellbeing.

Directors work closely with the staff and management teams at McCormick Home and McCormick Dementia Services.  They oversee all our operations, including our management teams who support our nursing, environmental, dietary, laundry and social work employees. Program development, evaluation, and performance and financial management are part of the role.

Nursing Team members includes registered practical nurses (RPNs) who can administer medication and provide foot care, as well as and personal support workers (PSWs) who assist with meals, personal care and bathing as needed. All nursing staff work together to meet the clients’ social/emotional needs and monitor changes in their health status.

Dietary Team members include our nutritionist, servers, cooks and food preparation support members who each recognize the importance of sharing an appetizing and delicious meal, where people can enjoy socializing with others. Food preparation concerns and diets are carefully recorded and monitored.

Environmental Services Team members include our facilities cleaning, maintenance and laundry operations. They work diligently to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable environment that feels like home.

Recreation Program Specialists are responsible for the development of specialized recreational programs to meet the individual needs of our residents and clients. This expertise requires detailed knowledge of the person, including their interests and levels of ability. Each recreation staff member has a university degree or a college diploma in recreational programming. They contribute to monitoring a person’s changing care needs, including updating their care plans and providing feedback to the care team and families as needed.

Social Workers are university-trained (at a bachelor or masters level) professionals who are registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. They work closely with the day program staff to integrate the people into their environment and then monitor their functioning throughout their time with us. Another important social work role is to assist families in a variety of ways, such as through education, counseling, referrals and planning for the future.

Administrative Assistants not only provide many supportive secretarial functions to the team, but also handle, billing, booking facilities and welcoming and directing visitors at the reception desk.

Volunteers are a vital part of our program. They come from various backgrounds, including students, retired persons, craftspeople, musicians and entertainers. All donate their time to enrich the lives of those in our care. Some stay for a school term or a year, others stay committed and engaged with us for many years. Their contribution toward enhancing the quality of life of those in our care is invaluable.