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Dementia Research Bulletins

McCormick Dementia Research intends to accomplish these interests through four strategic goals:

Goal #1 – Communicate our strengths, successes, and research interests


A. Establish the Foundation

a) Draft the research plan

b) Identify our strengths, successes, and research interests

c) Update our research agreement template

d) Identify resources we have available to support research

B. Spread the Message

a) Meet with researchers and other stakeholders to explore mutual areas of interest for research

b) Communicate our availability as a site for the research education/preparation of graduate students

Goal #2 – Build and strengthen partnerships and collaborations with researchers, community groups, people living with dementia, and their care partners to advance knowledge of evidence-informed dementia care throughout the disease progression


A. Identify Partners

a) Identify and target researchers and local and regional collaborators with similar research interests

b) Understand partners’ needs and co-create solutions

c) Involve the early stage support group and care partner education group at McCormick Dementia Services in identifying potential areas of research

B. Engage Partners in Research

a) Undertake research projects and contribute to proposals as co-investigators or knowledge users

b) Communicate our availability as a site for the research education/preparation of graduate students

c) Provide funding (in-kind and financial) to undertake research projects that align with our interests and secure other sources of funding, including the McCormick Care Foundation

Goal #3 – Engage staff in creating and implementing evidence-informed dementia care


A. Prepare the Organization

a) Create a culture of learning and innovation

b) Invest in training and development of staff

B. Nurture the Organization

a) Facilitate collaborations between adult day programs and long-term care

b) Facilitate collaborations across disciplines

c) Facilitate the application of new knowledge in adult day program and long-term care

d) Explore secondment opportunities

C. Learn from the Organization

Create a culture and mechanisms to promote the generation of research ideas from within the organization

Goal #4 – Move knowledge to action: Disseminate results of our work and translate, transfer, and mobilize research outcomes to benefit dementia care within our facility and beyond


A. Learn from Others

Monitor evidence-informed dementia care elsewhere

B. Share with Others

a) Attend and present at leading practice and research conferences, lectures, grand rounds, panels, and other research-related events

b) Publish articles in academic journals, grey literature, and other publications

c) Participate and report research results at planning groups, committees, sector tables and via webinars