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Dementia Services Bulletins

Our Team

Day Program Manager

Becky Clark

519-439-9336 ext 2344

From a person-centred care approach, the adult day program client is valued as an individual and recognized for their uniqueness. Their perspective is appreciated, and a positive environment is fostered to afford the client of opportunities to engage in purposeful activities and form meaningful relationships with others. The focus is placed on the client rather than their medical diagnoses. Efforts are directed toward nurturing continued strengths and abilities, and attention is given to meeting the needs of the client.

To reach the recreation department, please phone 519-439-9336 ext. 2391

Daily Schedule at Home

Creating a Routine

Creating a daily routine allows one to have purpose throughout their day. Routines create a pattern for the person with dementia and help them know what to expect in their day, or to have some familiarity with the day despite their cognitive impairment. Some persons with dementia benefit from having a daily routine written on paper or a calendar.

During the Day Program closure, we understand that caregivers and the person with dementia have experienced a disruption in their daily and weekly routines.

We hope the resources on our website will help give you ideas of some new things you can do to create your own daily routine.


Sample Daily Routine