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London, ON – In their latest issue, Senior Care Canada published an article summarizing the qualitative findings from the ongoing joint study of adult day program quality by Alzheimer Outreach Services and Baycrest Health Services. Written by WCA research coordinator Catherine Blake, the article outlines the comments and opinions of participating caregivers of people with dementia.

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Overall, the article addresses the positive outcomes of the client and caregiver experience from attending a day program.  “Participants at the Alzheimer Outreach Services Day Program of McCormick Home in London, Ontario, may have memory problems, but they’re passionate about how important the program is to them,” according to Blake.

The qualitative findings gathered for the study are also being presented at poster sessions for the Scottish Caring and Dementia Congress held in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the International Conference of Alzheimer Disease in Budapest, Hungary.  The sessions focused on the benefits and challenges to clients and their caregivers of participating in an adult day program.

Adult day programs are available to people with dementia and are often geared toward providing a stimulating environment that offers activities and exercises geared to the personal experiences and interests of the participants.  Both Baycrest Health Services and Alzheimer Outreach Services offer adult day programs, which also provide caregivers with a respite opportunity. The results from the study will enable us to inform day program providers of the quality benchmarks necessary to provide individuals with dementia and their caregivers the highest quality day program experience.

Alzheimer Outreach Services is an accredited, London, Ontario-based non-profit organization offering a variety of high quality programs and services for families who are living with dementia. In operation since 1985, Alzheimer Outreach Services is housed in the McCormick Home building and offers a popular day program for individuals with dementia, the largest of its kind in Ontario, as well as various specialized respite and support services for caregivers managed by dedicated and experienced professionals.  Alzheimer Outreach Services believes strongly in person-centred care and in preserving the dignity and identity of all those in our program.

Baycrest Health Sciences is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging. As an academic health sciences centre fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, Baycrest provides an exemplary care experience for aging clients combined with an extensive clinical training program for students and one of the world’s top research institutes in cognitive neuroscience. Through its commercial and consulting arms, Baycrest is marketing its sought-after expertise and innovation to other healthcare organizations and long-term care homes, both in Canada and internationally.

Alzheimer Outreach Services is owned and operated by the WCA, a non-denominational charitable organization of female leaders based in London, Ontario. Founded in 1874 as the Women’s Christian Association, the WCA has a long and remarkable history of providing compassionate care to the community, including the establishment of McCormick Home, Alzheimer Outreach Services, Parkwood Hospital and Wellspring London and Region.

Today, the WCA continues to oversee the operation of McCormick Home, a long-term care home for seniors, and Alzheimer Outreach Service.

Monica Fleck, Communication Director

WCA, Alzheimer Outreach Services and McCormick Home

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