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Care Group Bulletins

The goal of the McCormick Care Group is to be a leader in innovative dementia care by 2022.

This goal is a result of comprehensive planning undertaken in the spring of 2012, and includes the development of the McCormick Care Group’s strategic directions for 2012-2015.

In moving toward this goal, the McCormick Care Group is committed to maintaining its pursuit of excellence in the provision of long-term care services at McCormick Home and dementia care through McCormick Dementia Services (formerly Alzheimer Outreach Services). Over the duration of the plan, the McCormick Care Group will:

1. Discover our future opportunities in dementia care.

  • Investigate, discuss and explore alternatives on the McCormick Care Group’s role and investments in dementia care.

2. Commit to excellence in care.

  • Enhance current service areas through the innovative use of evaluation, best practices, partnerships and other initiatives.
  • Develop facility and technology renewal plans that sustain the capacity and leadership roles of the organization.

3. Build our capacities.

  • Continue to develop the human resources, capacities, programs and practices to meet the evolving needs of the people served, staff, volunteers and the organization.
  • Complete a governance and organizational alignment review with the operating departments, related organizations and partners.
  • Develop strategies that increase operating resources.
  • Undertake a branding review that supports the achievement of the strategic directions, and the vision, mission and values of the McCormick Care Group.

Organizational Objectives

As part of the three-year strategic directions we developed in 2012, we are pleased to share our new organizational objectives as part of our goal to be a leader in dementia care by 2022. In order to develop a plan to reach our goal, we enlisted the services of research consultant Gestalt Collective, who in 2013 completed a thorough analysis of our organization and collaborated with several dementia care experts and leaders in research and education to enable us to define the steps we need to take.

As recommended by Gestalt Collective, and in support of its goal of being a leader in dementia care by 2022, the McCormick Care Group is committed to endorsing the following four elements of leadership:

  • Be a community resource
  • Be engaged in capacity building
  • Be engaged in research
  • Be identified as a leader

Gestalt’s research findings indicate that the McCormick Care Group is already engaged in a number of activities that position us well within each of these leadership elements. As such, we have committed to assessing our current activities and developing additional plans to:

  • Continue to expand dementia programs and services at McCormick Home and McCormick Dementia Services
  • Strengthen care transitions between other care settings
  • Build staff, volunteer and board knowledge, engagement and commitment related to dementia and dementia care
  • Network innovations across the health care system
  • Explore academic and research partnership opportunities
  • Co-locate research, education and practice
  • Engage in a brand articulation initiative
  • Transform internal and external communications

A full implementation plan will be developed in response to these objectives, and we look forward to sharing more information with you and working together to discover ways we can meet these objectives in the coming months.