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Dementia Research Articles

Jodi Hall, Fanshawe College and McCormick Dementia Services
2014 – 2018


This mixed-methods study assesses participant engagement in a horticultural recreation program compared to more traditional day program activities.

Fourteen participants attending the McCormick Day Program were recruited to the horticultural research project, which took place over 10 weeks. Field notes and dementia care mapping and family questionnaires were used to assess the wellbeing and engagement of the participants during and after gardening.


High levels of wellbeing were observed while the participants were engaged in horticultural therapy, and these were sustained once the program was completed.

  1. Hall, J., Mitchell, G., Webber, C., & Johnson, K. (2018). Effect of Horticulture therapy on wellbeing among dementia day care programme participants: A mixed-methods study. Dementia17(5), 611-620.

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