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Care Group Bulletins

The McCormick Care Group honours the women who have served as members of our board of directors over the years under our original founding name, the Women’s Christian Association. Many of our members continue to actively participate in the association, and their ongoing contributions are gratefully acknowledged:

Joy Abbott
Anne Alexander
Suzanne Allan
Beverly Bell
Jane Benson
Judith Blackburn
Janet Brown
Michelle Campbell
Sandi Caplan
Janet Caskey
Suzette Caverson-Angeletti
Diny Dalby
Karen Dalton
Sheila Davenport
Sylvia Davis
Betty Duffield
Anna-Marie Duffy
Lou-Anne Farrell
Ann Fleming
Heather Foster
Trish Fulton
Elaine Gibson
Liz Hewitt
Yvonne Hill
Ann Jenkins
Angela Jonkhans
Kathryn Kiel
Carole Ann Leith
Sandra Letton
Dot MacRae
Janice McCallum
Janet McEwen
Kathy Parker
Joan Petrie
Anne Reinhart
Leone Rowland
Susan Ruth
Jane Rylett
Beth Schroeder
Corinne Seabourne
Sandra Snelgrove
Gail Stoddart
JoAnne Teske
Jennifer Thompson
Anne Toal
Ana Luisa Trejos
Judith Walker
Barbara Willis
Diane Wood
Cindy Wright


Women’s Christian Association members Joan Petrie, Jane Benson, Suzanne Allan, Ann Fleming and Judith Walker.