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The Bonds of Resilience and Trust

The recent lifting of the numerous provincial restrictions in place for the last two years has helped us all to feel the burdens of the two-year long COVID-19 pandemic starting to shift. Because we have a way to go before we can put the pandemic and its impacts far behind us, we must remain vigilant to ensure we stay on track toward recovery.

The resurgence of COVID-19 in the form of the Omicron variant brought with it numerous challenges, and unfortunately, a renewal of certain restrictions that we had all hoped were behind us. We cannot adequately express our gratitude to you, our community partners and friends, for your extraordinary support as we weathered that wave.

We received many messages of support, understanding and offers of help. These extraordinary displays of kindness meant more to our staff and support workers than you know. This latest variant also brought with it a heavy impact on our staff, many of whom as you know faced their own COVID-19 challenges at home. Given these unique circumstances and those you yourselves have faced throughout this pandemic, we know with certainty that the commitment shown by every member of our McCormick community is testament to the unique bond of resilience and trust we all share.

I also wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to our managers and staff members for their hard work and dedication as well as the personal sacrifices they have made to continue their important role. They have been working hard to deliver care of the highest quality despite the ongoing uncertainty.

If you have not already done so, I encourage each of you to ensure that you are fully vaccinated so that we can move toward a more open and connected world once again. Together, we can each do our part to put this most difficult time firmly in the past.

Take care and stay well.

Steve Crawford, CEO
McCormick Care Group

Dimensions Newsletter Spring 2022