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Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

Dancing is something that comes naturally to human beings. Since prehistoric times, dance has been used as a form of expression, celebration, or ritual. Dancing in a social setting causes the release of the chemical in the brain that reduces stress and pain, and is a regular activity at the McCormick Day Program. Sometimes we dance to a live performer, sometimes a DJ, or other times it may be a CD or DVD we play on our televisions. We encourage a wide range of physical motion, including motions that can be done in a sitting position.

All aspects of a dance program – the music itself, exercise and social components – can have positive effects. Research indicates that music can improve autobiographical memory and reduce agitation, anxiety, delusions, and other behavioural symptoms that may be present in dementia of any severity. Research has also found that dancing can help eliminate depression more than aerobic exercise or simply listening to music. Dancing is a way of taking your cares away – it doesn’t matter if it’s the jive, the hokey pokey or your own original moves!

I just love it! – It makes me happy! – This is why I come here! – are some comments from our clients describing how they feel about dancing when they are at the program. So get off your seat and get on your feet! Go ahead and dance like there’s nobody watching. It’s good for you and good for your health!

Dimensions Newsletter Summer 2023