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During this unusual time, it is important to remember to care for yourself and make sure that you are getting enough daily rest, nutrition and exercise to remain healthy and in good spirits. Family members and caregivers know that self-care is one of the things that we tend to do the least. Traditionally, placing the needs of others ahead of our own means that we tend to neglect ourselves. Remember that it is important to set aside some time for yourself each day and ensure that you receive the proper nutrition and rest that you need to function properly.

Some easy tips toward ensuring that you receive good nutrition include planning and developing a weekly menu. Think ahead and purchase healthy food items, such as fresh fruits and vegetables when you go to the store. Remember to use Canada’s Food Guide and touch upon all of the food groups to provide you with energy and a variety of healthy meal choices. By having healthy foods at home, you can look forward to enjoying a thoughtfully prepared meal that will meet your nutritional needs and enhance your wellbeing. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated as well. Choose those that are decaffeinated and non-carbonated for the best results.

Another way to self-care is to plan time for yourself daily. Even if it is simply listening to music or singing at the top of your lungs, it is important to release stressors in our everyday lives. Let loose and try to enjoy a laugh for at least 15 to 30 minutes every day. You will feel better and become more relaxed. Some people enjoy exercise, while others prefer to read. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it is something that makes you feel good about yourself and helps you relax and unwind. It is important to remember that caring for yourself enables you to better care for those you love each day.

Submitted by Nursing Staff at McCormick Home.