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Ethics and Compliance

Our commitment to ethical excellence is deeply rooted in our core operations. As stewards of McCormick Home, a distinguished long-term care facility for seniors, McCormick Dementia Services, a program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for clients and their care partners, and McCormick Dementia Research, a hub for innovative research partnerships, we uphold the highest standards of care.

Our vision is ambitious yet clear: by 2025, we aim to stand as a beacon of innovation in Canadian dementia care, prioritizing exceptional employee experiences while fostering a community where safety, belonging, purpose, and well-being flourish. At McCormick, our mission is unwavering: to provide innovative, relationship-centred care through strategic investments in partnerships, technology, research, and employee engagement.

Guided by our core principles of compassion, accountability, respect, excellence, and collaboration, we are dedicated to creating inclusive environments where empathy meets excellence, celebrating individuality while consistently delivering compassionate care at the highest level.

At the McCormick Care Group, our leadership is committed to a culture where values aren’t just spoken but lived daily. Our community-based board actively prioritizes transparency and trust, which form the foundation of our management approach. Learn more.