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Dementia Services Bulletins

Ethical Framework for McCormick Care Group

McCormick Care Group is committed to providing and maintaining an organization that ensures a Code of Ethics consistent with the Aim, Mission, Vision and Values of the organization and with the code of ethics of business and professional behaviours. McCormick Care Group affirms that the conduct of all members of the McCormick Care Group family is consistent with the above, and that residents/clients, staff, visitors, volunteers, students, care partners, and service providers are all treated with dignity and respect.

A Code of Ethics is a positive statement, a value statement, a reflection or embodiment of core values providing direction on how we should behave, while ensuring we maintain the best interests of all. It is a guiding principle which helps all the members of the McCormick Care Group family reach decisions, communicate with one another, and provide care. Ethics always involves thinking, feeling, knowledge, and intuition. It is understood that everyone will conduct themselves in a moral and ethical manner when working with residents/clients and with all fellow members of the extended McCormick Care Group family (visitors, volunteers, students, care partners, service providers, and co-workers).

McCormick Care Group recognizes that there are different types of ethical situations, including:

  1. Everyday Ethics: The way we approach each other; the care/services we provide and receive, and our commitment to each other. This includes: Respect, Safety, Dignity, Privacy, Integrity, Honesty, and Confidentiality.
  2. Ethical Concerns/Dilemmas: Situations that arise when ethical reasons both for and against a particular course of action are recognized and a decision must be made.
  3. Ethical Uncertainty: When one is unsure what ethical principles or values to apply to a situation or even what the moral problem is (Jameton, 1984).

An Ethical/Moral Situation is based on the proposition that no conduct in defined circumstances is either good or bad in itself, and that it must be determined what is right or wrong as situations arise.

The organization embraces diversity in all aspects of its operations and it promotes dignity for all.

Ethical Dilemma/Breach of Ethical Framework Reporting Process for McCormick Home and McCormick Dementia Services

Ethical Dilemma/Breach of Ethical Framework Reporting Process for McCormick Care Group and McCormick Dementia Research