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Moving in the Right Direction

We continue to move steadily through the fourth phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and are relieved at the recent lifting of some pandemic restrictions that were recently announced in our province. All of our staff deserve much credit for carrying on to help our residents, clients and families feel well cared for despite the ongoing uncertainties we face. We are buoyed by the many comforting and reassuring messages of thanks and support we have been receiving over these last several months. We hope that be able to return to our familiar connectedness in the not-too-distant future.

We recently received some good news on the long-term care side of our operations. The Ontario government announced more funds for a staffing increase that will enable homes to provide more hours of direct care to residents. A new multi-year funding model for long-term care homes will bring the hours of direct care from the current sector average of 2.75 hours of direct care per resident per day to 3.0 hours by March 2022, and ultimately to 4.0 hours by March 2025. The funding began to flow on November 1, 2021, and will enable us to hire additional staff in the future. Apart from the improvement in coverage, we look forward to bringing more consistency of staffing to residents and their families, as well as provide an opportunity for a greater level of accountability.

The McCormick Day Program continues to upgrade its facilities, having recently completed the renovation of a specially designed spa and bathing room. The design includes dementia-friendly elements, such as calming colours; slip-proof flooring; ample fresh lighting; a blanket and towel heater; a television for showing relaxing music, pictures and videos; a mirror blind; a moveable privacy screen and a faux skylight.  To enhance infection prevention and control, all surfaces can be easily wiped down, and carts of used linen can now be stowed away in our new cabinetry.  We are pleased to offer bathing and spa services to our clients once again, and in an environment that is specially designed to maximize their comfort. We are extremely grateful to the McCormick Care Foundation and Ontario Health West for their support.

Thank you for your ongoing messages of thanks and encouragement – your support is invaluable to us all.

Steve Crawford, CEO
McCormick Care Group

Dimensions Newsletter Fall/Winter 2021