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Dimensions Newsletter Spring 2021

A Day in the Life




Even though our McCormick Day Program is currently at a reduced capacity because of COVID-19, we are often asked about what a day in the program looks like for our clients.  We thought we would provide a peek through our doors and describe our physical environment, our typical daily routines, and the types of person-centred activities we provide. As noted on our website, “Our day program provides a diverse and stimulating range of activities based on the personal needs and backgrounds of our clients….Clients are involved in programs based on their interests and abilities, where the goal is always to have them succeed in whatever activity they choose to participate.”  As such, we strive to provide an individualized care plan that best reflects a person’s preferences, and one that provides a meaningful experience whenever they visit.

Currently, our physical environment consists of four separate program rooms.  These are secure, yet spacious areas that include comfortable furnishings, natural lighting, and large floor-to-ceiling windows with a view to our garden area. Our program rooms are connected by a large atrium area, which allows space to simply walk or participate in physical activities, including Xbox bowling. The atrium also features natural lighting, and welcoming recliner chairs where people can relax and either read a book or select from among many popular movies or classic television shows in our media library.  Adjacent to our program space is a large, inviting and secure garden where clients can assist with watering, wedding and ultimately harvesting.  Our garden provides a warm, comforting place where clients can participate in outdoor games, tandem bike rides, or simply enjoy being outside and observing our water features and bird feeders bustling with activity.

In response to our reduced on-site capacity due to COVID-19 closure, we now offer virtual recreational programming each weekday. Clients and caregivers can participate in scheduled virtual programs from the comfort and safety of their own home. These programs are facilitated by our recreation staff and include activities such as: daily exercises, trivia groups, music programs, meditation and more. There is no fee to participate in our virtual programs, but participants must be registered clients with our program.

In each program room, the participants often start their day or afternoon by discussing news and current events, working on a word search puzzle or glancing through a magazine while sipping on a cup of coffee or tea.  Keeping in mind that participants have varying interests, we also provide the following activities:

Physical Exercise: Exercises include stretching, balance exercises, hand weights and walking (if suitable). In addition, we offer seated exercises with warm-ups, stretching, hand weights or exercise balls. For those of our clients with motion challenges, we provide a more relaxed range of motion exercises. Other ways we incorporate exercise is through active games, such as gardening, walking, virtual bowling, mini-putt golfing, shuffleboard, bocce ball, ladder golf, target toss, and dancing.

Hands-on Programs: Some of our regular activities include crafts, knitting, drawing/painting, colouring, flower arranging, gardening, wood working, and Montessori programs such as sorting items, and preparing items for crafts or games. 

Individual Interest Activities: We also encourage interested residents to safely enjoy manicures, to watch a favourite old movie, to bird watch, and to listen to music on an iPod or other device.

Meal Times:  At each of our program sessions, we offer a full dining service so that clients can enjoy a healthy and comforting meal in the course of their active day.

There is always a large variety of activities taking place.  We look forward to welcoming back all our clients to a full program once the threat of COVID-19 has passed. If you have any questions about the McCormick Day Program, please contact us at or 519-439-9336.

View our video collection to see more of McCormick Dementia Services.

Please note that all surfaces and program supplies are safely stored and sanitized between use.  The health and safety of all our clients is our highest priority. 

Submitted by the Recreation Staff at McCormick Dementia Services.

Dimensions Newsletter Spring 2021