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Dementia Services Articles

Some activities can be enjoyed on the screen, whereas others need to be printed (sometimes in colour, otherwise black and white is fine). There are many activities that require items to be cut out. The person with dementia may enjoy cutting these items out as an added activity. Depending on your internet settings, when you attempt to open some items, you may have to select “allow” or choose “yes” to get the item to open/load.

Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

Word Games

A-Z Word Games


Word Mining

PowerPoint Word Games

Finish the Animal Phrase

Spelling Bee

Dice and Card Games

Table Games

Craps Game

Roll to 100 Board Game

Heads or Tails Game

War Card Game

Shake and Roll

Yahtzee Poker

Other Games

Coloured Dots Puzzles

Dot Box Game

Multiplication Dot Game

Don’t Break the Ice Game

Guess the Sounds: Indoor

Guess the Sounds: Outdoor

Digital Escape Room Pirates


Card Bingo Game

High-Low Dice Game

War (High-Low) Card Game

Yahtzee Poker Dice Game